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Investing in Private Real Estate Loans Just Got Easier

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Priority Investor Loans, LLC (“PIL”) is now offering investors the opportunity to participate in private real estate bridge loans.  Two types of  opportunities are available: Funds and Individual Projects. The funds offer both secured and unsecured opportunities to invest in diverse portfolios of real estate bridge loans.  An investment in Individual Projects offers the opportunity lend directly on a specific project.

PIL’s investment opportunities are currently only available to accredited investors residing in Texas.  These opportunities are (i) offered through specific private placements, (ii) are not considered liquid investments, (iii) may require substantial holding periods, and, (iv) although some are secured by first liens, all of these opportunities have risk.

To learn more about these opportunities and sign a confidentiality agreement, please follow this link to our third-party verification service (EarlyIQ).  See “How to Invest” below.

Current Investment Opportunities

PIL 1st Lien Funds – I, LLC (Secured)

  • Target Rate – 6.25%

  • Type – Secured investment in a closed-end fund of real estate bridge loans.

  • Life – 2 years

  • Minimum Investment - $50,000

  • Texas Accredited Investors Only

General Description of Investment Offerings

Types of Funds

1st Lien (Secured) –  Available Now

These funds provide an opportunity to invest in a diverse portfolio of secured bridge loans. These funds are secured by a blanket first lien on the properties being financed.

Table Funding (Unsecured) –  Coming Soon

These funds provide financing for the “Table Funding” portion of a PIL bridge loan. This is the portion of a loan that is normally financed by PIL. The Table Funding amount is usually no greater than 10% of the project being financed and is subordinated to the remaining secured portion of a loan. For this reason, Table Funding participation will typically offer a higher return than 1st Lien Funds.

Loan Participation & Individual Projects

Direct Loans (Secured) – Coming Soon

Investors have the opportunity to fund individual bridge loans (in whole or in part) through an LLC setup to fund only one specific project. These loans will be secured by a first lien on the subject property. There are currently no Direct Loan opportunities available. If you would like to be informed of Direct Loan opportunities please subscribe below.

Loan Participation (Secured) –  Coming Soon

Investors may participate on a fractional basis in a recently closed PIL bridge loan. These loans will be secured by a first lien on the subject property. There are currently no Direct Loan opportunities available.If you would like to be informed of Loan Participation opportunities please subscribe below.

How To Invest:

  1. Go to the EarlyIQ site and sign a confidentiality agreement. 

  2. Review a copy of the private placement memorandum.

  3. Verify your accreditation/eligibility with EarlyIQ, PIL's third party verification service.

  4. Sign the subscription agreement and send funds.*

*PIL will never ask you to send funds via email or phone.

Meet The Team


Geoff Giering

Geoff has over 25 years of experience investing and partnering in residential and commercial real estate in the greater Houston and Galveston areas. He is a visionary and proactive leader focusing on training and developing strong teams to deliver objective and measurable results, growing top line revenues and profitably. In 2008, he co-founded PIL with partner Dimitri Ang to provide private (hard money) bridge loans to small residential property investors in the Houston area. Prior to co-founding PIL, he formed Giering Investments, LP dba Texas Home Buyers in 1995, specializing in the purchase, rehab and sale of residential and commercial properties. Geoff is involved with several charities including St. Jude’sHospital, Houston Christian Community Center, Star of Hope, HPD, Survivor’s Club, G-Force Achieve (US Junior Olympic Team for Tae Kwon Do). He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Technology from the University of Houston.

Dimitri Ang

Dimitri is a co-founder of PIL. Since the company’s inception, he has been involved in all facets of the business including loan approval, credit analysis & underwriting, and portfolio management, in addition to overseeing day-to-day loan processing and funding. He has a “hands-on” approach with all company processes and client relationships. Dimitri continues to maintain valuable banking relationships with numerous local, state, and national banks which contribute to the company’s year-over-year expansion of both revenue and product offerings. Dimitri started his real estate career in 2002 while simultaneously devoting much of his time to managing a growing martial arts school and training facility in West Houston. In addition to his role with Priority Investor Loans, LLC, Dimitri is also an active investor in single-family renovation projects and commercial real estate. His most recent venture has been investing in new-construction spec homes in the Houston luxury market. His current charitable contributions include RESOLVE, G-Force Achieve, and AVDA. Dimitri holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Trinity University in San Antonio.

For any further questions, please email us at

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